JanET Koch, Co-Presiding Officer

League of Women Voters of Centre County Co-Presiding Officers Sue Sargo and Jan Koch participate in a C-NET "Around the County" interview, hosted by Anne Danahy.

Jan has a degree in Economics from Denison University and an MBA from Lehigh University. She retired after over 30 years working for the Department of Defense, on finance and procurement programs, and moved to State College in 2014. Jan has been active in the LWVCC since December 2016. Jan is married to Al Koch and they have one son, Greg.

“I joined the League of Women Voters so that I could make a difference in the community. Exercising our right to vote is crucial to the health and well-being of our nation and, ultimately, in our own best interest. After years of public service, I know first-hand the importance of an informed electorate and competent elected representatives. These days we are constantly bombarded with all types of media and are forced to make rational decisions about which sources provide us with the most accurate and unbiased information. I see the League's role as both a facilitator is encouraging citizens to vote but also as an educator - educating the voter on issues, platforms, and candidates - and helping voters to navigate the flow of information.”

Sue Sargo, Co-Presiding Officer

Sue has a B.S. in Psychology from Missouri State University and received her R.N. from Charity Hospital School of Nursing in New Orleans.  After more than 30 years working in various areas of healthcare, Sue retired & moved to State College in 2016. She has been active in LWVCC since 2016.  Sue is married to Rick Sargo. They have two adult children, Rich & Emily, and one granddaughter, Bellina, all of whom live in Maryland.

“I joined the League of Women Voters because I believe in the work the organization has done for the past 100 years:  Educating, empowering and protecting voters and voting rights across the country. Growing up on a farm in Missouri, I was also fortunate to receive civics education in my small high school, which many schools lack today.  Although my parents were not wealthy and were largely self-taught, they were very interested in what was going on both locally and nationally. I remember many spirited discussions regarding politics and government around our kitchen table.  They voted in every election and encouraged my siblings and me to do the same when our turn came. I believe that voting is the single most important right and responsibility that we have as citizens. It is the right that protects all other rights.  We owe it to our local communities and to the country at large to learn as much as we can about candidates and issues and then vote for what we believe will be best for all. Without that commitment from all citizens, only those who actually vote will make the decisions for everyone.”

Sue Floyd, Treasurer

Sue has lived in Central PA all her life.  She retired from Penn State University in June 2013 after working 43 years in various financial areas. Sue’s husband is Don Floyd, she has one daughter, Lindsay, and one grandson, Bruno, who live in Lexington, KY and one stepson, Jason, and two granddaughters, Tory and Aby, who live in Somerset, PA.

“I became active in the LWVCC in July 2013 after my retirement. I strongly believe it is important to be well informed regarding candidates and issues regarding our community as well as state and national issues. The LWVCC provides education for voters about candidates and issues, voter registration and much more, which is why I became involved.”

Marion Sheridan, Secretary

Marion is a happily retired educator who has taught kindergarten through college level students. 

“I am committed to educating our citizenry on the importance of voting to give people the opportunity to be heard.  I also believe in educating residents on important issues that affect the life of the community at large.  The LWVCC shares my views on education and the rights of  citizens.  In these particularly polarized times it is important we are all acquainted with the realities of the issues of the day.”


Saralee Bresler, Voters Guide ChaiR

Sara is a retired science teacher from the State College Area School District. She is also co-owner of Centre Stables in Pennsylvania Furnace. She holds a Horticulture from Penn State and a Masters from Penn State in the sciences. Sara and her husband Dale were in the dairy business for twenty-eight years.They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

Community service has always been an important aspect of Sara’s life; she served on several boards of local service organizations and chaired fundraising campaigns for local charities. In the LWVCC she is in charge of The Voters Guide published in The Centre Daily Times.

“Having been an educator for thirty-two years, I am aware of the power of education. I joined the League to play a role in educating our community about the importance of registering to vote and voting regularly. I believe that we as a citizenry must be heard and our vote is our strongest voice.”

Susan Werner, Candidates Night Chair

Sue grew up in Montreal, Canada and graduated from McGill University. After moving to State College in 1978 she became involved in many volunteer organizations. She was elected to the State College Area School Board in 1995 and served for twelve years, seven as president.

Sue joined the League after participating in Candidates Night and contributing to the Voter Guide. She valued the opportunity to communicate about important issues with residents and to hear their concerns. That is why she has stayed active as coordinator of the League's Candidates Night.

Sue is presently on the board of a variety of other philanthropic organizations and feels fortunate to have the time and energy to help where needed. Sue and her husband David, an ophthalmologist, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Cynthia Hahn, Membership Chair

Cindy has been a member of the LWVCC for fourteen years. She has served as Voter Services Chair in the past, and currently serves as Chair of the Membership Committee. Cindy is the Executive Director of C-NET, the Government and Educational Access Network for Centre County. She holds a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters in Theatre History, Criticism and Theory from Penn State. She is married to State College Mayor Don Hahn, has two grown children, Lauren and Adam, and three adorable grandsons!

"I am active in the League of Women Voters because I believe that access to candidate information encourages an informed electorate and is the key to our democracy. The local, state and national LWV provides opportunities for candidates to inform voters of their priorities and views on important issues. In addition, the LWV has a strong history of protecting the right to vote, encouraging all eligible citizens to register to vote, and working hard to ensure that each vote counts."

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